Wedding Perfection at Hirst Priory

We don’t shout about ourselves as much as we probably should but today is a different kinda day.

Today we are proud, really proud, today we feel like we made part of a special team of suppliers and produced something beautiful for one seriously happy couple.

The mix of perfect people, perfect location, the perfect weather, the perfect suppliers, perfect photographers and well, little old us.

It came together to be simply stunning and it’s proof that a wedding is a mixture of many things that build to make the perfect day.

It was a true pleasure to work alongside Photographers Kazooieloki (it’s named after their dogs…. so cute!) and the beautiful location, Hirst Priory which was all brought together by the wonderful Hazel, who is the Manager Director & Wedding Coordinator at the venue.

Take a look at the finished film below… we’re a little bit pleased to say the least. Here is a link to the photos too… AMAZING!